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Insulted. Belarus(sia)

written by Andrei Kureichik

english translation by John Freedman

directed by Phillip Christian Smith

October 16th, 2020 at 7:30pm

In solidarity with the people and theater community of Belarus, dozens of international theaters, groups, schools, and individuals are coming together in September and October to present readings, videos, films, and discussions of Andrei Kureichik's sensational new play, "Insulted. Belarus(sia)."


 Kureichik, a well-known Belarusian playwright/screenwriter/producer, is a member of the Coordination Council of Belarus. His 7- character play tells the story of the first month of the Belarusian revolution, its ups and downs on the eve of the inevitable democratization of the country after 26 years of dictatorship. All characters have real prototypes, in some you will recognize former and current leaders of the country, in others - incredible Belarusians who have gone out to battle the totalitarian machine, sometimes at the cost of their lives, their freedom, and their loved ones. They represent polar points of view in the awakened Belarusian society. The author seeks to understand how the Belarusian revolution differs from Prague in 1968, Russia in 1991 and Ukraine in 2014. He tells of the tragic escalation of violence and repression employed by the authorities to repress freedom-seeking Belarusians with bayonets and clubs, and how solidarity, truth and faith in human values inevitably lead to victory over evil. 

Organizations that are accepting donations for Belarusians in need:

Support To Victims of Repressions in Belarus... here

Belarus Free Theatre, now in exile... here

produced by 

Liz Frost​ and Tess Howsam

hosted on Zoom



Nathaniel Ansbach, Varak Baronian, Cornelius Davidson*, Carolyn Holding*, Polina Ionina, Tatyana Kot, and Ivica Marc*

*appearing with permission from Actors Equity

Interested in seeing the recording of ECC's "Insulted. Belarus(sia)."? Contact us via our website.

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