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co-directed by Porcia Lewis & Artistic Director Tess Howsam

developed as a part of John Drew Theater at Guild Hall's Artist in Residency

written by Leah Barker, Emily Krause, and E​linor T Vanderburg

Now Extended! May 1st - June 20th at 134 Vanderbilt Ave

photos by Jessica Dalene Courtesy of Guild Hall; New Yorker Illustration by Anja Slibar; Zoetrope graphic design by Ran Xia

Two people, a fish, a New York City apartment on top of a trailer bed, and you. Exquisite Corpse Company is back with an interactive, immersive, and portable living diorama of 2020. Written by our writers in residence: Leah Barker, Emily Krause, and Elinor T Vanderburg, and c-directed by Porcia Lewis and ECC's Artistic Director, Tess Howsam, Zoetrope will be on the streets, literally, of Brooklyn and beyond with socially distanced seating for a limited and lucky audience, May 1 - June 20.


The mission of this project is to use our shared experiences as a nation and as individuals, to create an interactive performance that offers reflective healing and generative dialogue as we continue to process 2020 in 2021. Linking moments of connection and loneliness, with a surrealist twist, this mobile piece presents an accessible (Covid-19 conscious) platform for people across the New York City boroughs and state lines.


Over the course of 35 minutes, the audience experiences an interactive, COVID-19 safe, live performance, and plays a role in dictating the way the story plays out.  The project aims to explore interactivity and intimacy in a time of isolation. Functioning like a traveling peep-show, audience members peer inside a living room that is equal parts familiar and absurd as they experience a living room drama unlike any they’ve seen before.

May 1 - June 20, 2021

134 Vanderbilt Ave Brooklyn, NY 11205

Performance notes: suitable for audiences 18+ years old, strobe is used throughout the performance, performance is heard through headphones

Check out LaRina for a pre/post show meal or drink!

bows song

"Whirlwind" by Synead (listen here)


casting by

Blaire O'Leary & Danny Wilfred

literary direction by

Blake Bishton & Phillip Christian Smith

PR with

Emily Owens PR

Press About Zoetrope

Thank you to our Major Contributors

Christina McGarry

Boo & Mike Bunch

Zack Waffle

Yulia Zee

Allison Stabile

Andrew Dobbie

Steven Blackman

Justin Brush

Becky & Jon Medved

Dan & Kathy Frost

Debra Bishton

Special Thanks To​


Arielle Klein

Josh Gladstone

Kate Mueth


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