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written by Alexis Roblin

directed by Julia Sears

ECC is entering her sixth year of producing exciting new work! And this summer is no different. Four new plays created in response to the theme "This Is A Distraction" explore issues of identity in a world that is constantly changing. Inspired by the 24-hr news cycle, "This Is A Distraction" calls on it's artists to explore different identities through visual and performance art at a time when "difference" receives polarizing reactions.

The four plays will run in rep as a part of Exquisite Corpse Company's IFACP Raw Residency at at The Parlour in NYC. With a visual art gallery open to the public before performances, both visual and performance artists share what distraction looks like through their art.

produced by 

Liz Frost​

casting director/program director

Blaire O'Leary

technical director

Lee Collins

stage manager

E. K. Quinn


set design by

Sonya Plenefisch

lighting design by

Lizzie Mahoney

costume design by

Adrianna Covone



Julia Sears

visual art design by

Andrea Caldarise

Laurel Adams

Lillian Henehan & Justine Marosi

Rachel Long

Matt Chalk

Lavinia Roberts

featuring Kristin Condon*, Trevor Eichorn, Ana Mirabal, John-Paul Stewart*

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