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LOVE Drunk 24 

brought to you by Exquisite Corpse Company

February 14th, 2019 8:30 pm at Mister Rogers

Culminating in a one night only event, our insane crew of actors, writers, and directors will have 24 hours to put together an amazing, one-night-only variety show.


OH! And YOU, the audience, can surprise our actors by buying them booze that YES! they will have to incorporate into their play and take on stage!!


Morgan Dean, Charlotte Bush, Maddy Kunz, Hannah Monsour, Hana Itkis, Katia Koziara, Arika Larson, Blake Bishton, DeVo Nelson, and Marcus Scott!


Florence Le Bas, Porcia Lewis, Juan Arturo, Tess Howsam, and Yevi Kats!


Emily Thaler, Andrea Lopez, Isabella Wagers, Sara Brown, Dinanda Klaassen, Heather Johnson, Monica Furman, Cati Urquhart, Sarah Oravetz, Mery Cheung, Casey Crane, Andrew Dobbie, Lee Collins, Nikola Balać, Lucas Thomas, Paul Pallotta, Becky Filer, Eric Mossman, and KG Garlington!

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