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created & directed by Tess Howsam

written by Blake Bishton, Tess Howsam, Matthew Minnicino, Lavinia Roberts, Laura Zlatos

A modern, immersive retelling of Homer's epic.  Staged in the basement of an abandoned hospital ward, a collaborative team of writers, actors, installation artists and bands came together to create the story of Odysseus' journey home.

assistant directed by

Katie Medved

art direction by

Karyn Joy DeYoung

lighting design by

Sara Gosses

sound design by

Rich Johnson

costume design by

Christine Samar​

featured music by

The Harmonica Lewisnskies

The End Men

The Imaginary Menagerie

Dana Steinhoff

choreography by

Brighid Greene

art design by

Jess T. Chiang

Alex Diamond

Suzanne Dirks

Jenna Guard

Maura Bess McGill

Casandra Rodriguez

Morgana Skelton

Clem von Holstein


Lee Collins

Katrina P. Day

Alexandra Hellquist

Rachel Long

Blaire O'Leary

Brendan Sokler

Dana Steinhoff

Emma Walton

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