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Secession 2015

directed by Tess Howsam, Tara Eliot, Katie Lindsay, Ashley Brooke Monroe

written by  Leah Barker, Blake Bishton, Simon de Carvalho, Jessica Nelson, Matthew Minnicino, Alexis Roblan, Laura Zlatos

This summer, Exquisite Corpse Company made a home on Governors Island to present its latest, large-scale, immersive performance event, Secession 2015.  The lives and work of the artists of the Vienna Secession feuled over 20 emerging visual artists to create new pieces in response.  A company of seven playwrights, four directors, and seven actors will brought the gallery to life in an original performance piece born of the same.  Creating a living gallery, audiences weaves through the walls of art guided by the the muses and ghosts that inspired them.

​art design by

Aleksandra Kolanko

Sara Howsam

Gwendolyn Kehrig-Darton

Lillian Henehan 

Lavinia Roberts

Mo Skel 

Josh Booth 

Trissa Dodson

Sara Lynn Sterling

​Jong Wong Lee 

Caroline Matthews 

Carla Torres

Dashiell Robb

featuring ​

Lee Collins

Anya Krawcheck

Blaire O'Leary

Max Schloner

Emma Walton 

Anna Young

Stephan Godleski 

​lighting design by Sara Gosses

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