"Site"-Specific Festival

brought to you virtually by Exquisite Corpse Company

Next Festival is on May 22nd, 2020 7:30pm ET via Zoom!

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About "Site"-Specific Festival

ECC has decided to give the community a little virtual show! We're doing a spin off of our classic Drunk24 Festival!  We're inviting people around the country to participate in this online night of theater... or as we're calling it "Site"-Specific Festival!


What does this mean?

Since our community is in quarantine, we're adapting one of our favorite community events and making weird art in strange spaces... your spaces! 


We're asking people who live together to apply as acting teams! Live alone or with non-actors? That's ok too! This is a chance for everyone to get creative. You can always do a short monologue, song, or solo-dance.


Will be assigned an actor team and a piece to direct from the comfort of their own home. They only get 2 days to get their actors off-book and incorporate the space in an imaginative way.


Playwrights will be given 24hrs to create a 5 minute playlet for their assigned actor team! They're inspiration?  5 drinking rules, the team, and the team's apartment. Bet you were wondering how this would be site-specific... ;)


Are you a dancer, painter, musician, drag queen, puppeteer, contortionist, etc? Submit to participate and if selected you will be challenged to create a piece in your space incorporating 5 drinking rules.

OH, and did we mention... "Site"-Specific 2020 is a DRINKING GAME!? That's right! Instead of watching the performers have all the fun, you'll get to join in too! Grab your beer, wine, tea, or juice and join in!



"Site"-Specific 2020 Festival 

March 28th 7:30pm

During our first round of this festival, we were able to collaborate with ECC community members from near and far under quarantine. With over 300 people watching on the night of the performance, we were able to reach an extraordinary amount of people during this time. We're so excited to do this again!

We were able to donate all additional funds to Indie Theater Fund's Rapid Relief Fund reaching $1000! If you can, please consider making a donation to this fund. 

Visit Indie Theater Fund's Donation Site HERE!

"Site"-Specific 2020 Plays and Participants:

“Bird-Men Dream of Mice” By Alexander Kveton

Featuring Tess Howsam and Lee Collins

"Hula Hoop Sudden Death Sweepstakes" by Joshua Young

Directed by Ran Xia

Featuring Emily Cordes Cordis

"Apocalypse You Imagined" by Alexis Roblan

Directed by Tess Howsam

Featuring Kate Mueth & Josh, and August Gladstone

"The Event" by Jean Grant

Directed by Lana Richards

Featuring Sam Evans and Doug Goldring

"Corona-Psycho" by Christin E Cato

Directed by Anna Loyd Bradshaw

Featuring Anya Krawcheck

"The Hunting Room" by Alisa Zhulina

Directed by Christine Cirker 

Featuring Nicole Kontolefa and Timothy Mele 

"Shelter In Home" by Maddy Kunz koonz and Hannah Monsour

Directed by Daniella Caggiano 

Featuring Isabella, Alisa and John Wager 

"Children's Wormwood Palace" by Joshua Young

Directed by Ran Xia 

Featuring Mindy Escobar-Leanses 

“Lack” by Eric Marlin

Directed by Holly M Wright

Featuring Isuri Wijesundara and Zachry Bailey 

"The Overthinker" by Blake Bishton

Directed by Katia Koziara

Featuring Lucy Van Atta and Kenny Toll

"Wine On The Couch" by Erin Moughon 

Directed by Juan Arturo

Featuring Deirdre Lyons and Stephen Butchko 

"Justin & Chloe K-I-S-S-I-N-G" by MJ Kang

Directed by Jenny Snyder

Featuring Christine Chang and Jesse Geller


"My Virtual Birthday" by Christin E Cato

Directed by Anna Loyd Bradshaw

Featuring Sedem Banini Pinni 


"How To Be Happy" by Ezra Brain

Directed by Seth Roseman

Featuring Carolyn Holding and Ian Norris


"The Owl, or: What I Learned at Night"

Written/Directed by Louis DeVaughn Nelson 

Music by Es Wex

Featuring Andrea Lopez

"Covid In The Woods" by Phillip Christian Smith

Directed by Anna Strasser

Featuring Blaire O’Leary and Alex Kveton

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