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WareART: SubTerra 

created & directed by Tess Howsam

written by  T. Adamson, Blake Bishton, Simon de Carvalho, Eric Marlin, Matthew Minnicino, Ran Xia, Emily Zemba, Laura Zlatos

Eight fashion designers and visual artists were challenged to create wearable art pieces based on the theme "SubTerra."  Playwrights were then paired with each of the pieces, using them as inspiration for four original one-act plays.  The wearable art were presented in a one-night-only dance based fashion show.  The plays were presented in the weeks to follow, as part of a two week mini-festival.


​​created & directed Tess Howsam  

assistant directed  Katie Medved  

lighting design Sara Gosses  


sound design Eric Sluyter  


produced Dana Steinhoff  


featured designs Becky Bodhurta, Jimi Gureje, Brandon Hardy, Sara Ware Howsam, Boo Johnson, Aleksandra Kolanko, Brianna Rose Lutz  


starring  Jeremy Neal  


aerialist Mandy Hackman  

featured models Lee Collins, Even Brechtel, Tess Howsam, Aleksandra Kolanko, Sarah Matusek, Katie Medved, Thom Neimann, Blaire O'Leary, Alex Pucci, Sarah Rosen, Dana Steinhoff​


written by Laura Zlatos  


directed by Sharone Halevy  


lighting design Sara Gosses  


featuring  Jack Fellows, Caroline Gart, Jarvis Griggs, Crystal Lee


written by Hannah Bisewski  


directed by Tara Elliott  


lighting design Sara Gosses  


stage managed by Katie Medved 


featuring  Stephan Godleski, John Graham, Julia Joyce-Barry, Natalie Kropf, Blaire O'Leary, Jeanne Joe  Peronne, Emily Steck


written by Blake Bishton 

directed by Julia Sears  


lighting design Sara Gosses  


set design Zachary Sitrin  


costume design Julia Sears  


featuring  Nicole Kontolefa, Ryan Zachary Ward, Emma Walton


written by Matthew Minnicino  


directed by Jenny Beth Snyder  


lighting design Sara Gosses  


set design Zachary Sitrin  


assistant directed by Kelly Teaford  


featuring  Caitlin Goldie, Sarah Elizabeth Grace, Tess Howsam, Lauren Swantos

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