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The mission of the Exquisite Corpse Company (ECC) is to develop and produce new work by emerging theater artists, visual artists, and musicians, in a supportive and inclusive environment utilizing the technique of ekphrastic creation and the surrealist concept of “collective assembly.”   


Founded in 2012 by Artistic Director Tess Howsam, and other like-minded artists, the vision of ECC is to build a supportive community across artistic mediums, investigating the line between artistic boundaries, audience integration, and create interdisciplinary work outside the frame of a traditional stage or art gallery. A company comprised of queer, women-identifying, or non-binary artists, central themes to our work reflect contemporary issues of gender, sociological, political, and ecological themes.


Outside of working with our core collaborators, ECC remains committed to hiring creative teams that are at least 60% women-identifying or non-gender conforming. The goal since the company’s inception is to offer a safe space for interdisciplinary collaboration of emerging artists and to grow as a company to offer bigger platforms and extended support for this unique approach, furthering its mediums place within the established arts community.   


Exquisite Corpse Company is a performance collective that makes work using the methodology of a surrealist parlor game: it commissions work to various artists and Frankenstein's their creations into a cohesive narrative.” - VICE Creators Project

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Since founding the company, we’ve become a supportive home for emerging NY artists, while providing a platform for experimentation. Our audience and artists are drawn from the theatre/artistic community of New York City. We employ roughly 30+ artists for each project, maintaining our mission and reaching a broad audience, while offering work and experience to a large number of artists, playwrights, actors, dancers, visual artists, and musicians.


ECC’s goal is to continue to create work that fosters experimentation through cross collaboration and artistic and patron inclusion within the arts. ECC hopes to continue to offer a safe space for interdisciplinary collaboration, and grow as a company to offer bigger platforms for this type of immersive theater, furthering its mediums place within the arts community.



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